Magnesium Oil Ionic Mineral Supplement – 8 oz – 60 Day Supply, Mineralife


Mineralife Magnesium Oil provides 100% pure Magnesium Chloride from naturally occurring ancient Permian Sea deposits. These deposits have been deep below the surface of the Earth for many, many years, untouched by the environment.

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Mineralife Magnesium Oil provides 100% pure Magnesium Chloride from naturally occurring ancient Permian Sea deposits. These deposits have been deep below the surface of the Earth for many, many years, untouched by the environment. This means that they are in a pure, natural form making them the best minerals for our customers.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**IsoIonic™ is defined as water-soluble mono-atomic mineral ions.

Magnesium benefits and/or deficiency symptoms are generic for the mineral. No product claims are being made or implied. Research is ongoing.

Magnesium Helps to Support:

•Airway health*

•Healthy and normal involuntary body movements*

•Healthy and proper growth*

•Muscle health*

•Healthy and happy disposition*

•Healthy eating habits*

•Normal calcium balance in organs*

•Healthy cardiovascular electrical impulses*

•Monthly feminine health*

•Healthy muscles*

•Healthy nerve transmission*

•Healthy calcium balance in blood vessels*

Reduce Stress with Magnesium

Our modern life subjects us to almost constant stress. The problem is that stress can wear our body down leading to disease. Magnesium is a powerful natural tranquilizer. It aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension and lowering blood pressure. By relieving stress and reducing blood pressure, Magnesium can help support healthy cardiovascular function.*

Strong Bones Benefit from Magnesium

In addition to its powerful stress busting properties, Magnesium works with Calcium to build strong bones. Taking a Magnesium supplement can greatly aid in the maintenance of bone health and integrity.*

Additionally, Magnesium works to make Calcium more available to the body and may help prevent kidney stones, which are caused by excess “free” Calcium that cannot be utilized by the body.*

Feel Younger with Magnesium

Consuming enough water-soluble magnesium with calcium has many positive benefits for the human body. It often results in a more youthful feeling, as a lack of proper magnesium to calcium ratio in the body results in increased aging.* It is also reported to help individuals lose weight.* The fact that calcium can be good and bad has eluded experts researching anti-aging for the last 50 years. It is also believed premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is nothing more than a symptom of premature aging caused by calcification of female body parts. Instead of women’s ovaries aging in their sixties, they age in their twenties. Women who were put on a program of increased magnesium reported their PMS vanished. More importantly, the women reported feeling and looking 10 to 15 years younger. Most women said they had lost weight, increased their energy, and had a more positive outlook. In addition, many said they noticed smoother skin without any other topical applications. The best anti-aging advice in the world may be: “Take less calcium, take more magnesium.”

Magnesium can assist people in enjoying the prime of their lives by promoting ease of joint movement, steady functioning of the cardiovascular system, proper sugar balance, healthy bones, and long-term mental clarity.*

Why Mineralife Magnesium Oil

•8oz bottle is convenient for use at home or while travelling

•Contains 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride from Permian Sea deposits

•Convenient spray bottle makes for easy application •8 sprays provides 960mg of Magnesium Chloride (about 100mg of pure elemental Magnesium)

•Minimal particle size makes for rapid absorption and high availability

•Recommended method to quickly restore cellular levels of magnesium

Great for Pets too! Magnesium isn’t just a crucial element for humans. All life forms need Magnesium for optimum health. Our Magnesium Oil is completely safe to use on your pet. In fact, many veterinarians use our Magnesium Oil on their animal patients. Try it yourself!

Why a Topical Treatment? Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It protects the body by keeping fluids in and foreign substances out. It does this by tightly packing the skin’s cells together like bricks in a wall. Mineralife’s Magnesium Oil contains naturally occurring Angstrom-sized particles that are small enough to penetrate between the skins cells. This allows our Magnesium Oil to be rapidly absorbed through the skin. Your body gets more of the magnesium it needs in a small particle that is readily available to your cells!

Why Mineralife Magnesium Oil is Better

To make Mineralife Magnesium Oil, we started with the world’s finest grade of natural Magnesium chloride, the ancient 250 million year old underground Permian Sea deposits in North America. These ancient, natural deposits of Magnesium Chloride mineral have been protected from the elements and the environment for many, many years. You can be assured that they are pure and have been protected from environmental factors. We then created a proprietary formula that dramatically improves the transdermal Magnesium absorption while minimizing skin discomfort. The result is a 100% natural, ultra-pure magnesium supplement that far surpasses any other type of magnesium supplement available today.

Look for the Genuine Permian Minerals Logo as your assurance of quality.

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