Unkers salve, roll on,¬†and sprays help with aches and pains and leave your tired muscles feeling refreshed and ready to go. The original formula for Unker’s salve has proven effective cuts, coughs, congestion, burns, earaches, cramps, dry cracked hands and feet and much more. Unkers lip balm is a favorite for those suffering from dry cracked lips.

  • 1 oz unkers medicated salveInfoBuy

    The Original Unker’s Salve 1 oz.

  • sanitizing unkers mistInfoBuy

    The Original Simply Sensational Unkers Lip Balm

  • unkers salveInfoBuy

    The Original Unker’s Salve Salve 3.5 oz

  • unkers sanitizing mistInfoBuy

    The Original Unkers Sanitizing Mist 2 oz.

  • unkers-spray-naturubInfoBuy

    The Original Unkers Spray -NatuRub, 1oz.

  • unkers medicated salve 7 ozInfoBuy

    The Original Unkers Salve 7oz.

  • unkers roll onInfoBuy

    Unker’s Roll On Balm, .50oz.

  • unkers travel kitInfoBuy

    Unkers Travel Kit – On the Go

  • unkers-spray-naturubInfoBuy

    NatuRub Unker’s Spray 2 oz

  • 7oz unkers medicated salve -case of 12InfoBuy

    The Original Unker’s Salve 7oz., Case of 12

  • 1 oz unkers medicated salveInfoBuy

    Original Unker’s Salve 1oz. Case of 12

  • unkers-spray-naturubInfoBuy

    The Original Unker’s NatuRub Spray 4oz.


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