Aditi 1 Energy Power Magnetic Bracelet, Serenity2000

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The Serenity2000 Power Bracelet is a true embodiment of a real power-house.


This Power Magnetic Bracelet is a true embodiment of a real power-house with negative ions, magnets, germanium and far infrared rays.

Here is why:

4-in-1: Negative Ions – Magnets – Germanium – Far Infrared Rays

Negative Ions :
Negative ions are alkaline and positive ions are acidic. Negative ions are present in our environment like in water, air and soil.
We feel refreshed in suburban areas where a higher density of negative ions is present in those areas.
However, city-dwellers are usually bothered by stress and fatigue in city areas with high usage and presence of electrical and electronic appliances, mobiles and industrial wastes, that produce positive ions.
Therefore, we need negative ions to strike a balance.

How do Magnet works ?
The iron in our blood act as a conductor of the magnetic fields, or magnetic energy, produced by our beautiful magnetic health bracelets.
This purportedly improves blood flow which, in turn, increases the efficiency of oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues.

Germanium has the characteristic of a semi-conductor which it is said to increase the body temperature, improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.
Once the temperature increases, one of the four outer electrons will be stimulated to leave its orbit. This detached electron may help to keep the body in ion balance and may restore the efficiency of nerve cells.
Germanium may also adjust the abnormal electric potential in the human body and keep the body electric system in balance while attracting the harmful positive ions from the human body.

Far Infrared Rays
The Far Infrared Rays is a kind of energy, which could generate the heat to have our body cellars vibrate in resonance.
The releasing 6~ 14 um waves as named as “the growth light” could activate the water cellar due to shrinking so as to generate the fresh water for enforcing the water circulation in our body and keeping the cellar be more active.
Those activated cellars could increase our blood circulation and activate our physiological mechanism.
The generation of new enzyme could strengthen our metabolism and further clean the harmful particles for human body.


Persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electronic medical devices should keep magnetic products at least 18″ (45cm) from the device. Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before using magnetic products.

Brand: Serenity 2000

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